Bass fishing phenom Will Davis JR, a champion in both Bass Nation and the Bassmaster Elite Series, shares insights about the Shaky Fish, a special lure created by his father and Aaron Martens after years of refining. This lure, originally designed for saltwater fishing, has proven to be highly effective for catching bass, especially in fast-moving water (current).

During the seminar at Bass University, Will Davis JR explains the gear he uses—his choice of rod, reel, and fishing line—for this particular bait and technique. According to him, these gear selections are crucial for increasing your chances of successfully catching fish. He dives deep into the details of how to use the Shaky Fish, offering valuable tips and strategies that he's personally found successful in his wins.

For a comprehensive lesson on how to effectively fish with the Shaky Fish, don't miss Will Davis JR's seminar with The Bass University.

Elite Shaky Fish Scrounger Head Class Chapters

  • 0:13: History of Shaky Fish
  • 2:35: Rigging the Shaky Fish 
  • 6:35: Size Selection and Gear
  • 13:14: Fishing Current 
  • 18:45: Abrasion Resistance Line 
  • 21:10: 3/4 Shakey Fish 
  • 23:39: Bill Size 
  • 24:40: Recap of Size Selection

What Will I Learn From This Shaky Fish Class?

  • What is the Shaky Fish?
  • Who is Will Davis JR and what are his credentials in bass fishing?
  • Why was the Shaky Fish created, and what makes it effective for bass fishing, especially in fast-moving water?
  • What gear does Will Davis JR use for the Shaky Fish technique, and why does he consider these selections crucial for success?
  • How do you rig the Shaky Fish for optimal performance?
  • What strategies and tips has Will Davis JR personally found successful in using the Shaky Fish?
  • How does the Shaky Fish fare in different fishing conditions, particularly in fast currents?
  • Why is abrasion resistance line emphasized, and what is its role in Shaky Fish fishing?
  • What is the significance of the 3/4 Shakey Fish and the bill size in this fishing technique?
  • What are the key takeaways and a recap of size selection when using the Shaky Fish?

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