Professional kayak angler, Casey Reed, delivers an in-depth and comprehensive breakdown of the art of Shakey Head fishing in this exclusive Bass University Seminar. With a track record of triumphs in elite kayak fishing circles, Casey delves into every facet of his mastery of this technique.

From dissecting the various styles of Shakey Heads to elucidating the range of styles he employs for consistent success, Casey's insights are nothing short of illuminating. His expertise extends to his selection of optimal baits, meticulously chosen to enhance the efficacy of the Shakey Head approach.

In this seminar, Casey outlines the trifecta of rod, reel, and line configuration tailor-made for Shakey Head fishing from a kayak. He exclusively relies on Cashion Kayak Series Rods, which are thoughtfully designed with a shorter handle ideally suited for kayak angling.

Seasonality plays a pivotal role in Casey's strategy, and he expounds upon his nuanced approach to Shakey Head fishing across different times of the year. He unravels the nuances of specific bass-rich zones contingent on prevailing seasons.

An avid proponent of Humminbird electronics, Casey divulges his unwavering faith in technology. Through captivating visuals, he unveils snapshots of key covers he targets using Humminbird 360. Furthermore, Casey delves into the intricacies of his kayak rigging, maximizing his efficiency by integrating electronics seamlessly into his setup.

Optimal kayak positioning is key for success, especially when capitalizing on electronic aids. Casey deconstructs the art of positioning one's kayak with finesse while harnessing the full gamut of electronic capabilities.

Embark on a journey of knowledge and mastery with this captivating Bass University Seminar, featuring none other than Kayak Angler Casey Reed, as he demystifies the nuances of Shakey Head fishing.

Shakey Head Kayak Bass Fishing Chapters

  • 0:25: Why Casey Reed Loves Shakey Head
  • 2:00: Shakey Head Size and Style
  • 3:53: Key Baits for Shakey Head
  • 6:20: Fishing a Shakey Head
  • 8:15: Shakey Head Setup
  • 11:55: Seasonal Approach
  • 15:30: Electronics in a Kayak
  • 19:50: Kayak Positioning 

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