Bassmaster Classic champion Ott Defoe was in Gadsden, AL to share his knowledge of marine electronics technologies like side imaging & 360 imaging. Ott Defoe uses the Humminbird Helix 12 CHIRP G3 Sonar with MEGA down imaging, MEGA side imaging and Humminbird Ultrex Trolling Motor 360 MEGA Imaging, and the settings and 360 imaging information will be most beneficial to Humminbird users. If you're a Lowrance or Garmin owner,  Ott still has some tips, especially for understanding side imaging that will help you locate and catch bass with your sonar electronics. This 47-minute bass fishing instructional class seminar video is a great way to fine-tune your understanding how to get the most out of your sonar electronics units. Learn where to mount your transducers, see examples of what cover & fish look like on side imaging & 360 imaging, Ott Defoe's settings for both technologies and more!

  • 0:06 We can all benefit from a better understanding of how to use our sonar electronics, side imaging, down imaging, 360 imaging, etc.
  • 2:00 Electronics are not just for fishing offshore or deep water anymore
  • 2:54 Side imaging electronics
  • 5:09 Importance of GPS antenna placement and transducer placement
  • 6:39 Effectively using side imaging to locate bass and cover/structure and unders
  • 7:43 Understanding what you're seeing with side imaging
  • 11:47 Ott Defoe's side imaging settings: color palette, sensitivity, contrast, sharpness and more
  • 18:09 Mega 360 imaging and how it differs in function and purpose from side imaging
  • 25:53 Ott Defoe's 360 imaging settings: frequency, range, scan speed, color palette, sensitivity, contrast and more
  • 30:09 Finding fish with side imaging and 360 imaging
  • 39:32 Good starting unit for beginners with side imaging
  • 41:24 Transducer mounting for side imaging
  • 42:31 Making adjustments so you don't lose your side imaging transducer in shallow water
  • 44:09 Screen setup for side imagaing

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