Coming off a big win on Lake Fork in the 2020 Bassmaster Texas Fest, Patrick Walters joins The Bass University to talk about how he uses Humminbird, Garmin & Lowrance electronics in his tournament fishing. Specifically, Walters focuses on Garmin Panoptix LiveScope forward-facing sonar and Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging and how those 2 technologies working together are deadly for maximinizing your efficiency. With these technologies, you can see cover and fish you might otherwise miss, but also determine if the fish are there but not reacting to your bait (or not committing to biting your bait). Watch this full 1hour bass fishing class seminar to help determine what sonar/gps electronics you want to buy, ensuring you have the power and wiring necessities, settings to get the most out of your sonar and more.

  • 0:38 What is sniper fishing?
  • 1:11 How Patrick Walters uses forward-facing sonar, like Garmin Panoptix LiveScope System along with Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging to confidently fish offshore
  • 4:00 The #1 reason to utilize forward-facing sonar in your bass fishing
  • 5:11 Seeing how individual fish react to different baits
  • 7:05 Times when using forward-facing sonar isn't ideal
  • 8:10 Patrick Walter's 2021 bass fishing electronics setup with Humminbird, Lowrance and Garmin and why he's using all 3 sonar brands
  • 10:03 Addressing power concerns with running several sonar/gps units on a bass boat
  • 11:15 LiveScope example screenshots and settings
  • 15:34 Using Humminbird 360 Imaging to find high percentage areas and settings
  • 19:31 Scenarios for using forward-facing sonar and 360 imaging technology, tournament examples and making adjustments
  • 26:02 How to approach cover with forward-facing sonar
  • 27:34 If you could only afford 1 sonar system, which would Patrick Walters purchase?
  • 28:41 How do you distinguish bass from other species or smaller bass?
  • 30:11 How deep can Humminbird 360 work effectively?
  • 30:58 Which sonar technology is better for deep water vs shallow water?
  • 31:54 Using perspective mode of LiveScope vs using 360 passively
  • 34:12 Would you make settings changes on a 9" screen?
  • 35:24 How to see your bait better on forward-facing sonar
  • 37:08 Do you keep Garmin LiveScope on and active all the time?
  • 38:08 Do you still need side imaging and down imaging?
  • 39:10 How important is screen resolution when selecting a forward-facing sonar unit?
  • 40:37 What to do when you see fish follow a bait on forward-facing sonar, but the bass won't commit to biting?
  • 43:14 What to do as a co-angler if the pro is sniper fishing with forward-facing sonar
  • 45:11 Santee Cooper
  • 47:31 What part the Lowrance unit plays on Patrick Walter's boat
  • 49:58 Window of opportunity for catching a fish you see on forward-facing sonar
  • 52:12 Best baits for getting bites from bass you see on forward-facing sonar
  • 54:37 Mounting the LiveScope transducer on a trolling motor
  • 56:42 How shallow can you effectively fish forward-facing sonar?
  • 57:42 Using LiveScope to fish spawning beds

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