Patrick Walters' home water is Santee Cooper, which has cypress trees for miles. In fact, there were so many during the construction of the Santee River dam, loads of them were cut and just anchored to the ground to save time of hauling them out. Patrick Walters has learned to look past the trees and see the underlying structure/contours and consider the other factors that should determine where the bass setup. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Patrick Walters shares some keys to tree & timber fishing success, including some of his favorite baits.

  • 0:41 Fishing trees & wood is my favorite bass fishing cover target look 
  • 1:57 Don't get lost in the sea of trees
  • 7:33 Key things for successful bass fishing in trees
  • 21:19 Tackle for fishing in standing timber
  • 23:15 Do you upsize around timber?
  • 24:41 Cypress tree trunks and root balls
  • 25:45 Tournament-specific question about flooded bushes
  • 27:59 Finding bushes and timber in tournament research
  • 29:31 Boat positioning when fishing trees
  • 30:58 Treble hooks on a Rapala DT crankbait
  • 31:30 Patrick's favorite jerkbaits for submerged timber
  • 33:02 Submerged vs exposed trees
  • 34:00 Best jerkbait colors for submerged timber
  • 36:43 What do big trees tell yoy about bottom contour?
  • 37:41 Modifying jerkbaits for fishing timber
  • 39:07 Jerkbait cadence

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