Flipping Wood Cover - Dave Mansue

Flipping Wood Cover - Dave Mansue


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Dave Mansue is a veteran bass fishing tournament angler and BASS Open Champion. In this 40 minute instructional video seminar, Dave will discuss the best tactics and techniques for approaching wood cover. He will help you catch more bass out of wooden cover, like docks, stumps, logs, laydowns & brush piles, by answering the following questions:

  • What equipment (rod, reel and line) should I use to approach this type of cover?
  • Why does Dave Mansue love the Baby D Bomb so much, and how does he fish it in laydowns?
  • Could I be catching bigger fish if I changed the type and size of my weight?
  • What hooks are recommended for flipping heavy cover?
  • How do I determine where bass should be in standing timber?
  • Should I peg the my texas rig weights against the head of the bait?
  • How can I fish wood cover and bushes more efficiently?
  • Which stumps are best to target in which seasons?

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