Fishing Wood Cover - John Crews

Fishing Wood Cover - John Crews


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Wood you like to catch bass in the wood like John Crews? Check out this 53 minute in-depth seminar from a 2016 Bass University class in Ohio. In this bass fishing instructional seminar, John Crews answers the following questions:

  • What baits should I fish around various depths and types of wooden cover?
  • What baits should I fish around the perimeter, and which should I use to get deep into thick cover?
  • Where will the bass likely set up within or around the wood?
  • How do I approach and pick apart docks?
  • Does John have any secret tips for triggering strikes in laydown trees? YES!
  • What are the three ways I should be fishing brush piles?
  • Should I fish any area with wood cover, or should I be looking for other features?
  • What are John Crews's thoughts on repeated casts and soaking the bait?
  • What about fish that swim out at you?
  • How does cloud cover and time of day effect how bass relate to wood cover?
  • How is it possible to fish a crankbait through wood without getting hung up constantly?

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I am an avid above average fisherman on the white river system. I think the interviews are outstanding by Pete Gluszek. And I am not blowing smoke up your pantleg. Always leaves with a thought or technique to try. Just been a member for a year, but find it VERY EDUCATIONAL. I attempt to try something new that I learned from a video, each and every time I go out. Your product is big time and I am a former coach. Pete has some serious teaching skills in him.
- Brad D.