Berkley Maxscent isn't just for smallmouth bass. In this interview, Justin Atkins shares why scent is important for largemouth as well. He also discusses why using scent when you're already catching bass may be even more important than using scent because conditions are tough and you're not getting bites. Learn some of Justin Atkins's favorite Berkley Maxcent baits, what rig he likes at Santee Cooper, how he adds scent to unscented baits & lures and what colors he likes when bed fishing with Maxscent.

  • 0:20 Introducing Justin Atkins & tournament history
  • 1:21 Using scent on soft plastics
  • 4:33 Maxscent for largemouth bass
  • 8:26 Color advantage of fishing Maxscent soft plastics
  • 10:03 Why to use scent when bass are already biting
  • 11:18 Tips for adding scents to baits & lures
  • 12:14 How to fish with baits that have scent
  • 13:33 Spray-on scent
  • 14:42 Maxscent bait for Santee Cooper
  • 16:12 Bed fishing Maxscent colors

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