Scent was certainly big this season when the bass fishing tournament trails went up North around the smallmouth bass. Pete Gluszek sits down with Mark Sexton to find out why MaxScent is so effective, and if it's effective for other species of bass. Learn how MaxScent disperses scent, how scent draws fish to the bait and how MaxScent (and other Berkley products) are developed and tested to ensure fish-catching capacity.

  • 0:37 Mark Sexton from Berkley sits down with Pete to talk about Berkley Powerbait Maxscent
  • 1:44 What is Berkley Powerbait Maxscent?
  • 3:30 How does MaxScent differ from regular Powerbait?
  • 4:43 Maxscent is important when fishing for largemouth bass too, not just smallmouth up North
  • 6:32 Research on how fish use scent to locate food
  • 9:00 Field testing new products like MaxScent
  • 11:21 Berkley is also making hard baits now
  • 13:20 Bass memory, how long until bass will bite the same lure again after being hooked on it?

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