Star up your electronics and they take forever to start giving good readings. You crank your outboard and your electronics turn off. The screens on your new electronics are flickering or there's excessive noise. Your cranking batteries are dying by the end of the day. You're replacing cranking batteries every year. Does any of this sound familiar? In this interview, Nathan Martin explains the relationship and amps and volts and why having under-performing wiring is killing your batteries and causing your electronics to perform below spec. To solve this problem, Nathan created the Sea Clear Power universal wiring harness. This harness solves many marine electronics issues, saves money in replacing batteries and time in trying to diagnose electronics issues caused by low power.

  • 0:19 Sea Clear Power's Nathan Martin and Cody Meyer join Pete Gluszek to talk about their universal electronics wiring harness
  • 2:07 90% of the time, the problem with your electronics is power, not a defective sonar/gps unit
  • 2:53 Cutting down on power loss and improved marine electronics performance + it's easy to install
  • 5:54 Bass University subscribers receive a Sea Clear Power exclusive discount offer
  • 6:14 It's a universal harness that works with any brand : Garmin, Lowrance, Humminbird, Raymarine and more
  • 7:16 What makes the Sea Clear Power universal harness better than what comes factory on the boat, and how does it make your cranking battery last longer?
  • 13:18 How to get Sea Clear Power on your boat and what you need to buy to power all your electronics with a single wiring harness
  • 15:16 New stern lights from Sea Clear Power
  • 18:34 Nathan Martin fishing the Toyota Series
  • 20:48 Forward-facing sonar will make you feel like an inferior fisherman
  • 21:48 Aqua-Vu allows you to see the actual fish

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