Buddy Gross is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler who uses 3 major brands of electronics on his bass boat. In this bass fishing video class seminar, Buddy shares what features are superior from each manufacturer (Humminbird, Lowrance & Garmin). He goes on to share settings and techniques that get him the best images and help him find the most fish. If you're looking for a great overview of features available on sonar electronics units, how practical and effective they are to use and how to get the most out of them, this is a great video for you.

  • 0:17 How Buddy Gross sets up his boat and the electronics products he uses
  • 1:50 Humminbird - what features and conditions are best for Humminbird electronics
  • 5:49 Lowrance - 2D sonar, down imagaing and C-map
  • 7:46 Garmin - Forward-facing sonar
  • 8:39 MEGA 360 imaging from Humminbird
  • 12:17 Garmin Panoptix Livescope forward-facing sonar
  • 13:58 Lowrance side imaging
  • 15:23 Wiring all your sonar electronics
  • 18:00 Frequencies and interference with multiple units
  • 21:55 Humminbird MEGA Live
  • 22:52 When to and not to use Humminbird MEGA frequency
  • 24:45 Adjustments for comfort
  • 25:26 Best way to side image ledges and making color & settings changes
  • 27:20 MEGA 360 settings to find the best spots
  • 28:25 Contrast settings for Lowrance and Humminbird
  • 29:32 Best on-pad performance, what is the best for 2d sonar
  • 31:50 How does water clarity affect forward facing sonar clutter and how do you get the best picture?
  • 33:57 Colors settings to find shell beds
  • 35:45 Which unit is best if you have to pick a single all-around unit right now?
  • 36:58 Do you coordinate the 360 distance with the side imaging distance?
  • 38:28 Tips for getting the most our of electronics on a high-pressure lake
  • 41:19 How to deal with "Ghost Tree" on Garmin Livescope in forward view
  • 42:24 Built-in transducers vs external transducers in trolling motors
  • 43:50 Can you share waypoints between units?
  • 45:00 What unit is best for finding bass under a dock?
  • 46:00 Managing waypoints and using icons
  • 48:15 Color palettes
  • 49:24 The most simple sonar electronics unit to use that's still effective
  • 51:00 Distance rings on Lowrance
  • 52:59 Dealing with interference
  • 55:22 Batteries for multiple sonar units

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