Buddy Gross, a champion Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, is hosting a seminar with Bass University where he will break down offshore hot spots and patterns. Buddy is known for his exceptional offshore fishing abilities and has proven it on the Bassmaster Elite Series. 

During the seminar, he will go over screenshots from his side scan, mapping, and other tools to help you understand the key areas where fish relate to. Buddy will also discuss seasonal fish movements and explain how they relate to offshore fishing, as well as his approach to bait selection.

If you enjoy fishing offshore or want to become more confident in this area, join Bassmaster Elite Pro Buddy Gross and Bass University in this comprehensive seminar that covers everything you need to know about offshore bass fishing from A to Z.

Offshore Bass Fishing Class Chapters

  • 0:20: Offshore Fishing Background
  • 2:48: Evolution of Technology 
  • 8:15: Sweet Spots/Hard Spots 
  • 17:10: Differences, Mapping, Ditches 
  • 37:05: Staging Areas 
  • 45:50: Ditch Cuts and Gold Mine 
  • 49:08: Seasonal Fish Movements
  • 53:48: The Attack 
  • 57:12: Offshore Bass Fishing Q&A

Buddy Gross Offshore Sweet Spots Class Summary

  • Buddy Gross, a top-notch Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, teamed up with Bass University to share offshore fishing secrets.
  • Learn from Buddy's expertise in offshore fishing, showcased through his mastery on the Bassmaster Elite Series.
  • Explore screenshots from his side scan and mapping tools, unraveling the mystery of offshore hot spots and bass patterns.
  • Discover seasonal fish movements and Buddy's approach to bait selection, gaining confidence in your offshore fishing.
  • Dive deep into topics like sweet spots, staging areas, and ditch cuts, unlocking the A to Z of offshore bass fishing.
  • Don't miss out on this comprehensive seminar covering everything from background insights to practical techniques, including a Q&A session with Buddy Gross.

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