Spotted Bass Fishing in Clear Lake Ditches - Rob Jordan

Professional bass fishing tournament angler Rob Jordan is on the water on Lake Lanier to fish clear water ditches for spotted bass. In this bass fishing video, Rob shares his 3-tiered approach to looking for spotted bass in clear water and how he likes to locate them and catch them.

  • 0:21 3-tier approach to spotted bass fishing depth ranges
  • 1:32 Starting up shallow in ditches and where to look for them
  • 2:45 Baits for shallow water spotted bass fishing
  • 3:35 What is "shallow" for spotted bass on a clear lake and what is a spotted bass's comfort zone for depth in a clear lake?
  • 5:14 Rob Jordan on modifying a Rapala DT-6
  • 8:46 How heavy rain runoff effects the fish in clear water and what baits to use 
  • 10:01 What else to watch on your electronics while fishing ditches
  • 11:15 Key to fishing moving baits in the winter and how it changes as you move into spring
  • 12:09 Rob Jordan on making contact with the bottom with the crankbait when fishing ditches
  • 16:16 Jerkbait fishing in shallow and midrange depths in clear water
  • 22:42 What is a ditch and what is the best time of year to fish them? Rob also talks about how a spotted bass's spawning is far more flexible than a largemouth.
  • 28:43 Deep water spotted bass fishing on clear water lakes
  • 33:25 Special considerations for fishing deep water timber edges
  • 37:33 Seeing bass on your 2D electronics sonar in deep water and whether or not to try to stay right on top of them and video game fish
  • 43:00 Watching how spotted bass respond to your presentation on your electronics and make the right adjustments
  • 45:08 Fishing line choice and finicky spotted bass
  • 48:21 Recap of tips for fishing clear water lakes for spotted bass in the winter
  • 50:06 Rob Jordan hooks up with some Lake Lanier spotted bass

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