Hard Blueback Herring Swimbaits - Rob Jordan

Hard Blueback Herring Swimbaits - Rob Jordan


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The Bass University is back on the water with Rob Jordan to talk about fishing hard herring swimbaits on lakes with blueback herring. If you want to catch some of the biggest spotted bass of your life and you live on a blueback herring lake (Clarks Hill, Smith Lake, Chatuge, Keowee, Hartwell and others), you'll want to try fishing a hard herring swimbait at certain times of the year.

  • 0:13 Hard herring swimbaits, like the Sebile Magic Swimmer Swimbait on blueback herring lakes in the Southeast
  • 1:53 Tackle setup for fishing hard herring swimbait
  • 4:13 Customizing and modifying hard swimbaits
  • 7:32 Lakes for fishing this technique, time of year to fish it and what you're looking for on the lake
  • 10:44 How to fish a hard herring swimbait on a blueback herring lake
  • 11:33 Using a hard swimbait as a search tool
  • 12:28 A great place to fish a hard swimbait
  • 13:08 When to fish a hard herring swimbait (the best conditions for fishing a herring swimbait)
  • 14:20 How long to fish an area with this swimbait technique
  • 17:29 Follow-up baits for herring-style baits
  • 19:04 Targeting docks during the herring spawn
  • 24:36 Equipment to ensure that you land fish that bite your swimbait
  • 26:07 Spend some time with a herring swimbait if you live on a lake with blueback herring

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