Casey Ashley is here to talk about how a bass behave differently in lakes that have blueback herring. "The bass will behave a lot more like stripers", Ashley says, "growing up with that, I've learn how to target and catch suspended fish". So, in this seminar, Casey will cover fishing blueback herring lakes and techniques that work around the country for catching suspended fish.

  • 2:26 Introduction to blueback herring. How they get in a lake, how they behave, how that changes bass behavior
  • 4:34 Three ingredients you need to consistently catch suspended fish
  • 9:56 Where you want your bait when fishing around baitfish schools
  • 13:18 How fish bite the underspin and when to set the hook
  • 14:11 Equipment for fishing an underspin for suspended bass
  • 18:03 Be in tune with your tackle, Casey shares the fall rate for the 3/8oz Blakemore Casey's Classic Runner
  • 19:10 Why not target these fish with a dropshot?
  • 20:32 Crash course for lakes with herring (how they act and how they differ from shad)
  • 25:14 Catching suspended bass in the summer on non-herring lakes
  • 28:13 Summer fishing for suspended bass on herring lakes
  • 33:40 Summertime fluke fishing on herring lakes
  • 36:45 Things to remember when fishing for suspended fish (review of main topics in this bass fishing class)
  • 38:13 Question and answer with Casey Ashley about catching suspended bass and blueback herring lakes

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