Brandon Cobb has years of experience fishing lakes with blueback herring. Blueback herring are a nomadic type of bass forage that will play in some tournaments, and in others, you may as well ignore they are even in the lake. A lot of this has to do with how bass relate to this food source, and knowing when the herring are in predictable areas of the lake. In this bass fishing class seminar with Bassmaster Elite series angler Brandon Cobb, he discusses the 4 main times of year that he's looking for blueback herring feeders. During these times, tournaments will likely be won fishing ditches or milk running cane piles. Other times of year, blueback herring may not be a part of any strategy among anglers at the top of the tournament results. Watch this master class on bass fishing lakes with blueback herring if you'll be fishing in the South East, particularly on lakes like Lake Murray, Lake Hartwell, Clarks Hill, Lanier and a handful of others. 

  • 0:06 The key to understanding bass feeding patterns on a herring lake
  • 3:32 Four main times of year that you want to pay attention to herring
  • 6:55 The blueback herring, misconceptions about their appearance and good immitation baits
  • 8:21 Brandon Cobb's favorite time of year to chase bass that are feeding on herring and "ditch" fishing
    • 11:30 Breaking down the key areas to target for bass
    • 16:03 The more common area to find bass feeding on blueback herring and how Brandon Cobb identifies good areas with his electronics
    • 25:27 The last area to check and keeping the bass fired up
  • 29:04 The herring spawn (when herring spawn & where herring spawn)
  • 38:55 Summer (cane pile fishing)
  • 45:45 The last time of year that Brandon Cobb fishes for bass feeding on blueback herring, and why he doesn't fish for them the rest of the year
  • 50:29 Tackle for fishing a jerkbait, underspin and topwater in blueback herring lakes
  • 55:02 Question & answer with Brandon Cobb on bass fishing in blueback herring lakes

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