Particularly in a tournament situation, anglers are torn between milking a spot or making a milk run. Do you "run & gun" high percentage spots looking to pick off 1 or 2 fish on each spot, or do you "sit & wait" on an area looking to catch all the fish (or even wait for new fish to move in)? Brandon Cobb believes that either approach could do well at any time of the year, but there are a number of factors to consider in different seasons that could be the difference between 1st place and 3rd place. Watch as Brandon Cobb breaks down each season and talks about what variables to consider when planning your tournament strategy of "rung & gun" VS "slow & methodical".

  • 0:21 Brandon Cobb talks about the 2 approaches to a bass fishing gameplan
  • 1:09 What is run & gun bass fishing?
  • 2:14 What is slow & methodical bass fishing?
  • 3:02 Is there a time that only one approach works?
  • 3:28 Deciding how to target bass on a given day
  • 5:27 Winter bass fishing
  • 11:36 Prespawn bass fishing
  • 18:48 Spawning bass
  • 24:12 Postspawn bass fishing
  • 29:45 One tip to always remember about run & gun all year
  • 31:27 Summer bass fishing
  • 36:16 Fall / Autumn bass fishing
  • 41:51 How big an area does "sit & stay" apply to?
  • 43:12 Go-to tactic for Fall bass
  • 44:07 Run & gun vs sit & stay on tidal rivers
  • 46:04 Run & gun vs sit & stay for different species of bass (largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass)
  • 47:12 How does Brandon Cobb define the seasons?
  • 49:32 Accounting for frontal & weather changes
  • 50:40 How to tell if spots are reloading with bass
  • 52:33 Cover water when bank fishing or work an erea?
  • 54:09 Dealing with high traffic lakes
  • 56:15 Lake Hartwell and Lake Fork run & gun
  • 57:21 Slow & methodical winter baits
  • 58:43 Dealing with lots of boats in tournaments

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