Spro pro John Crews joins The Bass University to talk about the Spring occurrence known as "the shad spawn". Watch as John Crews discusses when & where shad spawn, how this affects the bass, how it coincides with the bass spawn, what baits to use to catch those bass and loads of other secret tips, tricks and tactics for shad spawn fishing.

  • 0:33 What is the shad spawn? Which baitfish species are included? How do you capitalize on this great bass bite?
  • 5:56 Where do shad spawn?
  • 9:04 Baits for fishing the shad spawn
  • 23:52 Shad spawn fishing secrets
  • 34:11 Would you run Hydrowave during the shad spawn?
  • 35:13 Do shad spawn on every full moon?
  • 35:35 Bait colors based on water clarity for fishing the shad spawn
  • 36:30 Once the shad spawn starts, how long does it last?
  • 37:19 Lakes without shad
  • 38:21 Shad and bass spawn at the same time, are they in the same place?

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