Cashion fishing rod pro John Crews joined The Bass University this winter in Gadsden, AL to talk about selecting the right fishing rod for each technique. If you're unsure of what rod power, rod action, butt length or guide types you need for a certain bass fishing technique, John will walk you through all the terminology and tell you which techniques he thinks need specific rods and which techniques allow for a multi-purpose rod. Join John Crews as he shares his years of rod design and selection experience in this bass fishing educactional class seminar.

  • 0:08 Introduction to selecting the right fishing rod
  • 2:02 How a fishing rod is made
  • 3:24 What are the advantages of selecting the proper fishing rod?
  • 5:18 Casting ability and hookset power mixture
  • 5:57 Options to consider when selecting a fishing rod
  • 21:48 What do you need in selecting a fishing rod for a technique, Joh Crews offers a checklist of considerations
  • 25:33 What are the concerns of fishing with the wrong rod?
  • 26:33 Considering some technique-specific rods vs. rods that aren't as specialized
    • 27:09 Flipping and pitching fishing rod selection
    • 28:22 Shallow cranking rod
    • 30:22 Deep cranking fishing rods
    • 31:00 Spinnerbait and chatterbait rod
    • 32:27 Topwater rods
    • 32:49 Dropshot, shakey head and ned rig spinning rods
    • 33:58 Spybait finesse fishing rod
    • 35:14 Jerkbaits
    • 37:05 Frog rod for froggin'
    • 39:19 Senko rod
    • 39:49 Football Jig/Carolina Rig
    • 40:54 Swimbait fishing rod
    • 41:51 Neko rig spinning rod
    • 42:48 What about spoons?
    • 44:12 Shad rap rod
  • 44:36 Question and answer for rod selection

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