Matt Cashion and Jason Holland participated in an interview with Pete Gluszek at The Bassmaster Classic. Cashion makes high quality casting and spinning rods for tournament bass angers and weekend warriors. Pete begins by sharing accolades for his favorite Cashion signature rod and shares some of the ways he uses it. Concerning signature series rods, Matt divulges that there is a new swim jig rod available at and expected to be available soon at TackleDirect. Cashion is always trying to improve as it releases each new series of rods, Matt shares some of the improvements that have been made in the most recent rods. Finally, Matt Cashion shares some of the trophy bass tournament lakes near the Cashion headquarters in Sanford, NC (Jordan Lake, Falls Lake and Shearon Harris).

  • 0:24 Introducing Cashion Rods 
  • 3:24 Pete's favorite fishing rod
  • 5:05 A new signature swim jig rod
  • 11:21 How have Cashion rods improved even further?
  • 16:40 Cashion Rods is around big fish lakes

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