iCast 2017 - New Missile Jigs & Cashion Rods

iCast 2017 - New Missile Jigs & Cashion Rods


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Cashion rods and Missile Jigs share the philosophy of providing top-quality tackle that's made in the USA. In this video, Cashion rods anglers Fat Cat Newton and John Crews talk about the new series of rods from Cashion, which includes a series of technique-specific rods and rods designed for fishing from kayaks.

Johnny Crews and Mike Iaconelli introduce the new Missile Jigs Flip Out Jig, which is a beefier version of the Ike's Mini Flip Jig. Ike and Crews talk about the bigger profile of the bait, custom hook, weight-forward design, optimal weed guard angle and other attributes that make this new jig and awesome choice when jig fishing. Crews also introduces a new soft plastic bait, Missile Baits The 48, which can be rigged multiple ways, including neko, wacky & texas. Cut the bait in half and fish it on a Ned rig and double your please from each pack of these Missile Baits soft plastic worms.

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