Join Cashion & Missile Baits pro John Crews, a highly accomplished Bassmaster Elite Series Champion, as he takes you on an exciting and informative journey into the world of the "Punch Shot Rig," also known as the "Tokyo Rig." With his vast knowledge of new baits and cutting-edge techniques hitting the market, John brings a wealth of experience to this on-the-water class.

As the owner of Missle Baits, John is uniquely positioned to share insider insights on the best baits and techniques for the Punch Shot Rig. Throughout the class, he delves into his meticulously chosen rod, reel, and line selection that maximizes success with this exceptional technique.

One of the key highlights of this class is John's emphasis on the Punch Shot Rig's versatility. He reveals how this rig proves effective year-round, making it a valuable addition to any angler's arsenal. John elaborates on various scenarios where he has achieved remarkable success using this rig, providing you with practical knowledge you can apply to your own fishing adventures.

In this comprehensive class, John expertly dissects the nuances of the "Punch Shot" technique, drawing comparisons to the traditional "Texas Rig" to highlight its unique advantages. By the end of the session, you'll gain a deep understanding of when and where to implement the Punch Shot Rig for maximum effectiveness.

On the water, John demonstrates how to fish the Punch Shot Rig with finesse and precision. He shares invaluable tips on effectively working the bait to entice those elusive bites, even in the most challenging situations. Throughout the class, you'll witness John flipping into heavy cover, showcasing his skills as he guides you through the art of picking apart an area using this remarkable technique.

Join us for this action-packed on-the-water class with John Crews, a true expert, and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, as he imparts his wealth of knowledge and expertise to help elevate your bass fishing game. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, this class with The Bass University promises to equip you with the tools and techniques you need to succeed on the water.

John Crews Punch Shot Workshop Chapters

  • 0:10: Punch Shot 101
  • 6:50: Key Areas for Punch Shot
  • 9:30: Baits for Punch Shot
  • 11:05: Gear for Punch Shot
  • 18:20: Versatility and Scenarios
  • 20:40: How to Fish a Punch Shot

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