Deep Tokyo Rig Fishing - Gerald Swindle

Gerald Swindle is one of our top instructors at The Bass University. His combination of fishing knowledge and wit make for an enjoyable learning experience. Gerald Swindle loves to fish a jig, particularly a ball head jig, but there are other great ways to catch bass. In this video, G-man is here to share why the Tokyo Rig has earned a spot on the front deck of his boat, and he wants to teach you how to fish the Tokyo Rig, particularly in deeper water.

  • 0:21 What is the Tokyo Rig? What are the components? Can I buy them already assembled?
  • 1:12 Tackle (rod, reel & line) for fishing a Tokyo Rig
  • 1:46 Catching a bass on the Tokyo Rig
  • 2:25 Swindle talks about bait and weight adjustments
  • 7:25 Gerald sets the hook on a big bass with the Tokyo Rig
  • 10:00 The great thing about hooksets when fishing the Tokyo Rig
  • 10:29 How to fish the Tokyo Rig

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gerald swindle on the water tokyo rig