Returning BASS Bassmaster Elite Series angler Gerald Swindle is in Anderson, SC to teach that class and all The Bass University TV online students about cold water cranking (aka cold water crankin'). After a year fishing the inaugural year of Major League Fishing's Bass Pro Tour, Gerald Swindle is returning to BASS to fish the 2020 Bassmaster Elite Series and their "biggest five" tournament format. Gerald Swindle has some strong opinions on fishing line in cold water, throwing Rapala Shad Rap crankbaits on baitcasters, walking bass around the boat and colors for winter/early spring. You'll chuckle at some of what Gerald says, but you'll also take away a load of bass fishing knowledge.

Gerald Swindle's Cold Water Cranking Topics

  • 1:15 What makes bass fishing one of the greatest and purest sports, and why Gerald Swindle loves bass fishing
  • 4:35 Cold water cranking and why it can be so dofficult, but also so rewarding
  • 6:15 Biggest mistake that people make when cranking in cold water, and what is cold water?
  • 13:29 Baits that Gerald Swindle throws when it's cold and super cold
  • 15:03 The trick to casting a Rapala Shad Rap on a casting rod
  • 18:35 Gerald Swindle secret tips for cold water crankin' lure color modification
  • 22:54 The one bait that defies all conventional wisdom in cold water/winter cranking
  • 27:06 Why do certain colors catch more bass in the winter and spring?
  • 29:25 Difference between clear water and stained water cranking in the winter and early spring
  • 31:38 You may not catch your tournament-winning bass cranking, but it can still play an important part in a tournament win
  • 36:23 A good rod type for fishing crankbaits in the winter and the importance of not overpowering the bass on the hookset
  • 38:00 Landing fish that are barely hooked and the dangers lurking at the back of your bass boat
  • 43:36 What is the deepest that Gerald Swindle likes to crank in the winter
  • 44:23 Clear & murky water, what is Gerald Swindle looking for when cold water cranking for bass?
  • 45:27 Santee Cooper from the best fishery in spring to very difficult in the summer

Gerald references the "double shindo" knot in this and other videos. The knot he's referencing is called the double clinch knot or the Berkley braid knot.

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