Dean Rojas is a highly acclaimed and skilled professional bass fisherman, particularly known for his expertise in fishing with topwater frogs. He has achieved considerable success in numerous bass fishing tournaments using this technique. In 2004, Rojas introduced the topwater frog to the public during the prestigious Bassmaster Classic, which significantly popularized this fishing method. The topwater frog is favored by anglers due to its weedless design and its ability to provoke aggressive strikes from large bass.

Rojas has played a pivotal role in the design of one of the most popular frog lures available on the market, particularly the Spro series of topwater frogs. The Spro Bronzeye 65, equipped with a 4/0 Superline Gamakatsu hook, was officially launched at ICAST in 2006 and won the "Best in Show" award, propelling its popularity. Two years later, the Spro popping frog was introduced and has gained equal or even greater popularity than the original frog design. Rojas dedicated extensive hours to perfecting the frog lure in the early 2000s, focusing on addressing flaws in previous designs, particularly the hook-up ratio. He emphasized the exceptional quality of Spro's hardware design, seal, and welded eye, proclaiming it to be the best frog available in the market.

In seminars and classes, Dean Rojas provides valuable insights on various techniques for fishing with a frog and the essential gear required for optimum efficiency and success. He covers the appropriate rod, reel, and line selection necessary for this style of fishing. Rojas highlights the simplicity of using a frog lure, emphasizing that even novice fishermen or children can easily handle it. The visual contact with the lure on the water makes it an engaging experience and highly effective in attracting bites.

Furthermore, Rojas delves into comprehensive details about the diverse range of Spro's frog lineup. He explains how each variation can be employed in different scenarios to maximize success during a day of fishing. Whether it's the original Spro Bronzeye 65 or the Spro popping frog, Rojas provides valuable insights on their applications and nuances.

Overall, Dean Rojas's Bass University bass fishing class seminar covers a wide range of topics related to fishing with topwater frogs. From fishing techniques to gear selection and the versatility of Spro's frog lineup, Rojas imparts his knowledge and expertise to help anglers enhance their frog fishing skills and increase their chances of success on the water.

  • 0:40 The History of the Frog
  • 17:33 Trimming the Legs on a Frog
  • 19:50 Different Types of Spro Frogs
  • 32:35 Rod and Reel Setup for Frog Fishing
  • 41:50 Line Selection for Frog Fishing
  • 45:50 Best Knot for Frog Fishing
  • 49:42 Hook Modifications

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