When you think frog fishing do you think of hollow-bodied frogs? If so, you’re missing out on the versatility of soft plastic frogs. In this seminar, Bobby Lane talks discuss how he fishes soft plastic frogs and explains the design decisions behind his own frog – the Berkley Powerbait Rib Toad. Like all frogs, Lane relies on it heavily when fishing around thick vegetation. Due to its ability to come through the cover easily, a frog is one of the few baits that will allow an angler to effectively fish thick grass areas without constantly getting stuck in the vegetation. Lane says he opts to fish the frog on a 7’6” heavy flipping rod with 50lb braided line. While he could get away with lighter gear, this setup means he can go into even the thickest cover, and get even the biggest bass in the lake back to the boat. Aside from the gear, Lane highlights a few of his personal tips that include what knot you should tie, when you to fish a soft plastic frog with and without a weight, and the many different ways you can present the bait to help you catch more fish next time you’re on the water. 

Bobby Lane loves fishing a frog (or a toad). Froggin' is a great way to catch a big bass. In this on the water bass fishing instructional class, Bobby Lane talks about the equipment you need to do some serious froggin'. Firstly, there are several types of frogs: poppin' frogs, walkin' frogs, swimmin' frogs and more. Specifically, in this video, Bobby discusses the Berkley Powerbait Rib Toad. This bait was 3 years in the making and Bobby Lane helped develop it. Then Bobby goes out in hunt of some bass to demonstrate casting, working and retrieving this soft plastic topwater frog. Bobby talks about his favorite colors and reviews his tackle setup: 6/0 Trokar Hook and 50 lb. Spiderwire Ultracast Braided Fishing Line as well as his rod and reel choice. Lane is fishing down in Florida and talks about the cover and vegetation he's targeting this time of year (Fall) and why Summer may be the best time to target this shoreline vegetation.

  • 1:25 Gear Selection For Frog Fishing
  • 5:30 How To Rig A Soft Plastic Frog
  • 9:30 How To Tie A Double Palomar Knot
  • 11:10 Benefits Of The Berkley Powerbait Rib Toad
  • 14:00 How To Fish A Weighted Soft Plastic Frog
  • 16:25 On The Water Frog Fishing With Bobby Lane
  • 18:15 Different Ways to Fish A Frog

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