In this Bass University on-the-water class, "Big Fish" Bobby Lane, the 2022 Redcrest Champion, shares his expertise on flipping and pitching in heavy cover. Growing up in South Florida, Bobby developed exceptional skills in this technique, which is crucial for success in that region. He has achieved victories at all levels of the sport and provides valuable insights into punching heavy cover for big bass.

Bobby emphasizes the importance of using appropriate gear for flipping in heavy cover. He relies on big rods and thick lines to handle the challenges posed by the dense vegetation. During the class, he shares the specific setups and gear he uses on the biggest stages of competitive fishing.

To penetrate the matted vegetation and effectively extract bass from heavy cover, Bobby discusses the suitable hook and weight combinations. Getting through the thick vegetation and bringing the fish out requires a strategic approach, which he demonstrates and explains on the water.

One significant aspect that Bobby emphasizes is a silent approach when executing this technique. Making minimal noise and disturbance helps in not alerting the bass and increases the chances of success. He also advocates for flipping further away from the cover than most anglers typically do, as he believes this approach attracts more bites than short flips into the immediate cover.

During the instructional class, Bobby showcases the Berkley MaxScent Creature Hawg as his bait of choice for punching heavy cover. He demonstrates how to apply pressure on the hooked largemouth bass to keep them pinned and effectively pull them out of the dense cover.

In summary, this Bass University on the water class with "Big Fish" Bobby Lane provides comprehensive instruction on flipping and pitching in heavy cover for targeting big bass. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, Bobby's insights and techniques can help you improve your success in this aspect of bass fishing.

Big Fish in Heavy Cover Chapters

  • 0:06: Bobby's Flipping History 
  • 4:15: Mat Flipping Setups
  • 9:15: Rigging
  • 20:54: On the Water Demonstration
  • 22:30: Flipping Technique
  • 26:30: Picking Apart Mats
  • 34:38: Catching Fish in Mats

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