Ish Monroe loves to punch things, as he says, "You punch every single thing that there is out there to punch". Punching isn't just for grass mats, bass love to hide under anything that allows them to relax and ambush an easy meal. In this remastered bass fishing class video seminar, Ish Monroe discusses why he loves punching, the tackle and baits he uses to punch any penetrable canopy, places to punch, setting the hook, landing the fish and more!

  • 1:12 Two techniques that Ish Monroe uses because they catch big fish and win bass fishing tournaments
  • 2:40 Punching equipment (rod, line, weights, hooks and more)
  • 11:31 The best knot for punching and getting the best hookup percentage
  • 16:15 Ish Monroe's favorite punching bait color
  • 17:38 Fishing reel for punching (you don't just want the fastest reel)
  • 23:15 The importance of casting practice
  • 25:31 Approaching a mat and flipping and pitching into the right targets
  • 29:36 Setting the hook & landing the fish when punching
  • 31:10 Punching weight colors
  • 34:19 The lure splashing into the water when punching
  • 36:46 The weight you want to use when punching. Is a heavier weight always better?
  • 41:46 Other things you can punch besides matted grass
  • 45:02 Why it's important to know and understand your types of grass

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