Ish Monroe loves to catch big bass and win tournaments. Some days you just want to go out and consistently catch fish, maybe not giant bass, but every time out, you want to catch fish. This bass fishing class seminar focuses on the baits and techniques that Ish Monroe relies on when he needs to get bites. You may catch smaller even non-keeper bass with these lures and tactics, but some days, you just want to get a bite.  Be rigged up and ready to fish these 4 baits, in the areas Ish highlights as high percentage areas for that bait, and you'll almost always catch some bass.

  • 0:08 Who loves to catch bass consistently? This seminar is about catching bass every time you go out fishing.
  • 1:28 Spinnerbait - Tackle & tips for catching bass on spinnerbaits
  • 10:40 Crankbaits - Style of crankbait & tackle
  • 13:48 Shaky head (or shakey head) - Tackle, line sizes, leader knot
  • 20:05 Flipping - flipping for consistency
  • 22:46 Where to fish a spinnerbait
  • 24:38 Where to fish a crankbait
  • 31:09 Where to fish a shaky head
  • 33:18 Where to go flipping for bass
  • 34:47 Ish Monroe answers student questions

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