In a world dominated by dropshotting, with swimbaits being the new hot technique, old standards like spinnerbaits and crankbaits are often forgotten. Not by Wesley Strader, he has them on the deck during almost every tournament and his record speaks for itself. Strader will teach you why you shouldn't disregard these staples and how to use them to maximum effect next time you are out bass fishing.

  • 1:07 How Wesley Strader adapts spinnerbaits to every situation, without overloading his boat storage with only spinnerbaits
  • 3:02 Spring spinnerbait blade combinations and colors
  • 5:50 Where are the bass in the Spring? Where to look for fishing spinnerbaits
  • 8:50 The shad spawn and spinnerbait blade colors
  • 11:20 Summertime. Wesley Strader isn't a big fan of slow winding spinnerbaits down deep
  • 11:32 Blades for fishing in the Fall/Autumn and a tip for mimicking shad behavior
  • 13:27 Equipment for throwing spinnerbaits (rod, reel and line)
  • 15:13 Tip for keeping your spinnerbaits from breaking in the R bend
  • 16:40 Trailer hooks on spinnerbaits
  • 19:18 Spinnerbait head colors
  • 19:39 Clear water spinnerbaits colors
  • 22:32 What to do when they won't bite the spinnerbait in the spring
  • 24:49 2 Things to look for in a fish-catching bait
  • 26:38 Wesley Strader's 3 favorite spring crankbaits and colors
  • 32:44 Crankbait hooks

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