Wesley Strader is on Lake Chickamauga in April to share what he's learned about fishing spinnerbaits. Wesley starts out with tips on maximizing your spinnerbait arsenal and adjusting the the exact current conditions. Then he takes you out on the water to demonstrate casting, retrieving and fish catching around docks, stumps, laydowns, rocks and more. Learn secret tips of getting more out of a spinnerbait and catching more bass.

  • 0:15 Why the spinnerbait went away and why it's coming back and an overview of what's covered in this bass fishing class
  • 1:27 Wesley Strader's preferred spinnerbait Zorro Wesley Strader Bango Blade and some secret tips to make it more durable and run straight
  • 4:31 Seasonal blade combinations and tips for catching bass on a spinnerbait
  • 11:51 Building a tournament-winning spinnerbait from scratch (blades, colors, beads, trailer and other components)
  • 17:57 Spinnerbait vs chatterbait. Why fish a spinnerbait instead of a chatterbait?
  • 19:54 When to fish a trailer hook on a spinnerbait and tips for keeping your trailer hook on
  • 22:55 Tips for tuning a spinnerbait
  • 24:25 Color combinations and blade choices for water clarity
  • 25:36 Why Wesley Strader doesn't carry hundreds of pre-made spinnerbaits and how he gets a lot of use out of the components
  • 28:54 Knot and line for fising a spinnerbait under different conditions
  • 30:32 Wesley Strader's view on consistent rod and reel setup
  • 32:41 Fishing a spinnerbaits around docks demonstration
  • 38:04 Tips for fishing a spinnerbait - adjusting retrieve based on condition
  • 41:35 Spinnerbait hookset
  • 42:52 Pay attention to help construct patterns
  • 43:35 Areas that bass like
  • 46:28 Why roll cast a spinnerbait?
  • 47:57 Rod position and secret tip for fishing brush, particularly in the fall
  • 50:17 Fishing stumps with a spinnerbait
  • 51:58 Fishing laydowns with a spinnerbait
  • 57:01 Breaking down a laydown tree from the prespawn through postspawn
  • 1:00:30 Fishing rocks with a spinnerbait and making adjustments
  • 1:02:31 Secret spinnerbait fishing tips (different ways to fish it, instead of just chunk 'n' wind)

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