2019 Bassmaster Classic bass fishing tournament champion Ott Defoe believes heavily in modifying baits. Since he was young, he's been hand-crafting crankbaits and making alterations to baits to increase his condfidence in their fish-catching ability. In this video, Ott Defoe will talk about some of the tweaks that he makes to give himself an advantage over other anglers that are often fishing similar out-of-the-package lures.

  • 1:40 Ott Defoe simple jig modifications for increased hookup percentage, keeping a trailer on a jig and trailer color modifications
  • 5:50 Spinnerbait modifications and tips, including: blade types, blade colors, trailer hooks and skirt types
  • 14:10 A great all around lure modification product you should have on your boat
  • 15:28 Hard bait modifications: changing hooks, Storm Arashi Vibe modifications he used to catch 7 of the fish he weighed in during the 2019 Bassmaster Classic

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