The Bass University welcomes 2019 Bassmaster Classic Champion Ott Defoe to our classes in Gadsden, AL in the winter of 2020. Ott loves to fish the prespawn and his favorite tools are crankbaits. In this bass fishing educational class seminar, Defoe talks about the differences in lipless and diving crankbaits and when/where he fishes them throughout the prespawn.

  • 1:35 Introduction : baits and fishing in the prespawn
  • 3:22 Lipless crankbaits and how they differ from lipped crankbait and water temperatures to fish one over the other
    • 8:45 Go-to place to fish a lipless crankbait
    • 10:55 Different sounding baits
  • 12:43 Diving (lipped) crankbait characteristics & where to fish them
  • 15:46 Why Ott Defoe loves fishing in the prespawn and what variables to watch for to make adjustments for each fishing day
  • 23:48 Where to look for bass in the prespawn
  • 31:03 When to use a lipless vs. a diving crankbait, color selection and sound in a crankbait
  • 35:50 Tackle/gear for fishing crankbaits
  • 40:06 Question & Answer time with Ott Defoe on prespawn cranking

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