Jerkbaits are often considered Winter and Springtime fishing lures. When the water is cold and fish are lethargic up to the time they feed up before locking onto beds, jerkbaits get a lot of action. What about the rest of the year. Ott Defoe believes they are a bait that, depending on where you are geographically during each season & what species you're fishing for, can be a good choice all year. Where to fish jerkbaits and the style of jerkbait change throughout the year. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar video, Ott Defoe breaks down types and shapes of jerkbaits, tuning suspending and floating jerkbaits, best places to fish in each season and the tackle he uses for fishing jerkbaits. Ott Defoe concludes his bass fishing class by answering some student questions.

  • 0:20 Jerkbaits aren't just for fishing in the Spring
  • 2:59 Basic styles of jerkbaits that Ott Defoe fishes
  • 4:11 General jerkbait actions
  • 6:23 Jerkbait retrieve cadence, distance and pause for various water clarities
  • 13:02 Ott Defoe demonstrates a dirtier water winter jerkbait fishing cadence with a Rapala Shadow Rap
  • 15:45 Preferred conditions for bass fishing with a jerkbait
  • 18:11 The reasons that jerkbaits catch so many bass so well
  • 20:36 Suspending jerkbaits - tuning them to slow float, slow sink or suspend
  • 24:18 Prespawn jerkbaits - where and when to fish them
  • 26:34 Spawn jerkbaits - Ott's choice for bait and where to fish them
  • 29:03 Postspawn jerkbaits - types of jerkbaits and where to fish them
  • 32:23 Summer suspending jerkbaits - Where & when to fish them
  • 34:35 Fall / Autumn - Type of baits to fish and where to fish
  • 36:46 Winter jerkbait fishing - where to find fish in the winter
  • 38:54 Ott Defoe's favorite jerkbait colors for bass fishing and tips for selecting a jerkbait color
  • 44:40 Tackle for fishing a jerkbait (rod, reel, line & hooks)
  • 47:55 Matte finish vs shiny jerkbait finishes
  • 49:30 Selecting the right size of bait for body of water and time of year
  • 52:29 How far to fish a jerkbait above the fish or cover that the bass are in
  • 53:47 Fluorocarbon on spinning reels

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