Tournament-Winning Post Spawn Jerkbaits - McClelland

Tournament-Winning Post Spawn Jerkbaits - McClelland

BASS tournament professional angler Mike McClelland's fascination with jerkbaits started when he was a young tournament angler, and after his pattern started to give out, his partner for the day suggested the go "really catch them" with a weighted jerkbait. Since then, Mike has gone on to work with Spro to help design a number of jerkbaits. Mike McClelland talks about the where, when and how of catching post spawn bass on a jerkbait. The first thing is to understand what in nature causes the jerkbait to be such a great tournament-winning secret bait.

In this jerkbait fishing video, you wiill learn:

  • What areas to target with your jerkbait in the post spawn period
  • Other highly effective baits in the post spawn
  • Equipment, fishing line and other tackle for fishing this bait during this phase
  • Tips for fishing a jerkbait in dirty water
  • Advantages of fishing a soft plastic jerkbait or fluke
  • What is a donkey rig or a double fluke rig?
  • Postspawn jerkbait cadence
  • and more!

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