FLW Tour bass fishing tournament pro Scott Suggs has won nearly $2m on tour, including a $1m 2007 Forrest Wood Cup win on Lake Ouachita. Now he's joining the Bass University to talk about how he won that event, fishing for suspended bass. What do you do when the fishing gets really tough, and even the top level pros are having a hard time catching bass? Scott Suggs suggests that it's time to start looking for suspended fish.

Scott talks about the importance of using electronics to locate and identify depth, and adjusting lure retrieve to keep baits in the strike zone. He talks about seasonal bass locations and migration routes to help you determine where you should be looking for fish. This video will also teach you what makes a location special, so you can determine the most productive areas to fish within your seasonal pattern. Learn from Scott what baits to use to target suspending bass through each season. Learn the best seasons to fish swimbaits, fishhead spins, crankbaits, jerkbaits, jigging spoons, topwaters and more.

One of the most confusing parts about suspended bass fishing for many anglers is the thermocline. What is the thermocline? How does it relate to the water temperature and oxygen levels? What does all this mean about eliminating water and locating bass? What season is the thermocline most relevant? What about in moving water, like rivers or reservoirs where they pull water consistently? Another confusing topic is lake turnover. What is turnover? What causes it and what are the bass doing?

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