Mike Iaconelli loves to fish for bass all summer, but there are days when it seems like it's too hot get a bite, no matter what you do. Thankfully, bass are predictable, and there just a few things that will determine where you will find bass, and they'll be in one of three places. In this bass fishing educational & instructional seminar class video, Mike Iaconelli shares some of his favorite summertime patterns and 9 baits/rigs to fish in different pattern situations. Watch this class on summer fishing to learn how to fish for bass in the hottest time of the year.

  • 0:09 Who loves to fish in the heat of the summer? Introduction to finding and catching bass in the summer
  • 2:07 What are the characteristics of summer fishing that can sometimes make it difficult?
  • 3:44 The 3 things you need to remember for successful summer bass fishing
    • 5:42 The first pattern for locating and catching bass during the hottest time of the year 
    • 9:55 Map examples of places to look bass in the summer
    • 15:07 Ike's top baits for the first summer pattern, like Rapala Ike's Custom Ink DT Series Crankbaits, and how to fish them in the hottest times of the year
    • 25:54 The second pattern for catching bass when the weather and water are hot
    • 31:35 Iaconelli's favorite baits & rigs for his second summertime pattern, like The Tokyo Rig, and how to fish them (also why the Tokyo rig is the best punch bait)
    • 44:11 The third pattern for catching bass in the hot months
    • 49:16 Where bass setup in current
    • 52:33 Mike Iaconelli's favorite baits for fishing current, like the Missile Jigs Ike's Mini Flip Flipping Jig, and how to catch fish with them when it's super hot

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