There are always fish up shallow. Most of the year, the majority of the fish are out of the shallow water, but there's a reason why many tournament, even summer tournaments are still won in shallow water. In this bass fishing instructional and educational seminar class video, Jason Christie is in Tulsa, OK to discuss fishing shallow all year. Christie quickly covers Fall-Spring, and focuses most of his time on Summer, as that's when the fewest bass will be found up shallow. Learn Jason Christie's top baits for fishing shallow in each season of the year along with some tips on where to find them. Jason Christie also shares tips for practicing for tournaments, where he starts looking for bass when practicing for multi-day tournament, why he prefers multi-day tournaments and more!

  • 0:09 Shallow water can get beat up with heavy fishing pressure in multi-day tournaments
  • 1:10 The role electronics have played in moving people off the bank, but also in finding fish more easily offshore
  • 3:27 Jason Christie's practice approach to determining whether to fish shallow or deep in a tournament
  • 4:33 Why Jason Christie prefers multi-day tournaments
  • 5:51 Top 4 baits for Fall/Autumn shallow bass fishing, like the Booyah Flex 2 Squarebill Crankbaits. Jason Christie shares his autumn shallow fishing tips
  • 10:17 Where Jason Christie wins tournaments in the Winter using baits like Smithwick Rogue Jerkbaits
  • 13:04 Christie's top 5 Spring shallow bass fishing lures, like the War Eagle Buzzbait
  • 15:53 Summer shallow bass fishing tips, more fish are out deep, but not necessarily the biggest ones
    • 16:27 Prefishing shallow bass in the summer
    • 21:18 Places to target when fishing shallow water in the summer
    • 29:50 Christie's favorite summer shallow fishing lures, like Booyah Pad Crasher Frogs
  • 40:00 Purpose for the unique head design of the Booyah Covert Double Colorado Spinnerbaits
  • 41:57 Timing of the shad spawn
  • 44:42 Toad or skirt on buzzbait
  • 46:35 Difference in fishing shallow offshore vs shallow near the bank
  • 48:13 Spinnerbait vs bladed jig (chatterbait)
  • 50:10 Spinnerbait weights & blades for depth ranges

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