Jason Christie's first approach to tournament practice is to try flipping and pitching. If he can find concentrations of fish that will bite that presentation, he's got a good chance to getting tournament-winning fish. You won't always catch a lot of fish flipping and pitching, but, sometimes just a few bites will get you a big bag. This bass fishing class seminar was filmed a few years ago in Oklahoma, and has recently been digitally remastered in full HD into a single 47-minute video. Learn from Jason Christie all the important fundamentals, tips and tactics for catching bass, having an effective practice and winning tournaments with the flipping and pitching techniques.

  • 0:57 Jason Christie got started fishing with flipping & pitching
  • 2:22 Jason Christie's tackle setup for flipping & pitching and the importance of being accurate
  • 4:06 Tips & tactics for flipping wood cover for bass
  • 11:35 Why does flipping win bass fishing tournaments?
  • 12:18 When flipping & pitching work the best
  • 13:48 Best knot for flipping
  • 14:27 Best baits for flipping & pitching for bass
  • 15:34 The importance of Power-Poles (aka shallow water anchors) for flipping & pitching
  • 16:28 How do you use electronics?
  • 17:46 Seasons and fronts
  • 18:09 Setting the hook on fish in practice
  • 19:44 What's important when flipping & pitching pole docks & floating docks
  • 24:07 Bait size/weight and effect of changing trailers on rate of fall
  • 25:57 Jig colors
  • 27:37 Does Jason Christie use a punch skirt?
  • 28:16 What knot does Jason Christie use (correction in the video, he's referring to "clinch" not "cinch")
  • 29:43 Flipping & punching grass
  • 33:30 Flipping everything other than wood, docks & grass
  • 35:18 How to determine areas with the highest concentration of fish in practice
  • 36:25 Why flipping is "feast or famine"
  • 38:07 Reel settings
  • 39:32 Fluorocarbon vs braid
  • 40:59 Favorite baits, including the Yum Christie Critter
  • 41:55 Do you always use a trailer when fishing a jig?
  • 42:14 Braid to fluorocarbon leader for flipping
  • 43:15 Does Jason Christie use fish attractant?
  • 44:38 Using the T-H Marine Hydrowave H2 Electronic Feeding Stimulator

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