Jason Christie, a former high school teacher, currently a Major League Fishing BPT professional bass tournament angler, but also a veteran of both the FLW and BASS Elite Series tours, taught this bass fishing educational class seminar on spinnerbait fishing in Tulsa, OK in early 2020.

  • 0:42 A story about how Jason Christie got started fishing spinnerbaits
  • 3:03 Understanding the spinnerbait and customizing with different components
  • 6:40 Spinnerbaits before the spawn
  • 8:01 How to change a spinnerbait to allow for a faster retrieve
  • 13:44 Spinnerbait blade colors and confidence
  • 19:01 Spinnerbait trailers and trailer hooks
  • 24:40 Seasonal spinnerbait considerations
  • 32:49 Equipment for spinnerbait fishing (line, rod & reel)
  • 34:51 Question and Answer time with Jason Christie
    • 37:43 What areas to look for when spinnerbait fishing
    • 38:43 Spinnerbait retrieves
    • 42:58 3 Spinnerbaits for catching bass coast-to-coast
    • 44:22 Jason Christie's universal hookset
    • 48:12 Skirt colors
    • 50:30 When to wake a spinnerbait
    • 51:21 Places to look before the spawn

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