The winter is a wonderful time to go fishing! Reduced boat traffic and fishing pressure allow you easier access to ideal spots for catching bass, often offshore. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar, Jason Christie shares some tips for locating and catching bass in the winter, as well as his top 5 wintertime bass fishing baits. Learn where to look for bass when the water is cold and what baits to use catch bass from the bank to deep main channel ledges.

  • 0:07 Locating bass and breaking down a topographical map (topo map) to identify high percentage winter fishing areas
  • 8:18 Shallow fishing for winter bass
  • 9:46 Areas that are consistent for locating and catching bass in the winter
  • 10:31 Targeting offshore structure
  • 12:05 Jason Christie's top 5 winter bass fishing baits
  • 12:30 Jason Christie's top 3 jerkbaits for winter fishing and when/how to fish each
  • 18:56 Finesse jig fishing for bass in the winter
  • 21:26 Cold water cranking tips from Jason Christie
  • 24:03 Bass fishing with electronics like you're crappie fishing
  • 29:09 Why Jason Christie has so much confidence in fishing a swimbait in the winter
  • 35:04 Why go bass fishing in the winter?
  • 37:21 Line for fishing swimbaits during the cold season
  • 38:04 The reason to use braid on a spinning reel and using a fluorocarbon leader
  • 39:28 What area of Grand Lake would Jason Christie focus on during April?
  • 40:27 What's the biggest bass that Jason Christie has ever caught?

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