Prespawn means different things to different anglers and in different parts of the country. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar video, recorded in Tulsa, OK, Jason Christie talks about the time from when fish move from their wintering areas up until they spawn. Learn when to start looking for bass to start moving up shallow and what baits to use to target them. In this class, Jason Christie focuses on fishing jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, bladed jigs (chatterbaits), swimbaits and jigs.

  • 0:41 What does "prespawn" mean to you?
  • 2:38 Things that trigger the prespawn and spawn
  • 7:27 Staging areas in highland and lowland reservoirs
  • 9:52 Types of cover where bass stage in the prespawn
  • 10:52 Do staging areas replenish?
  • 11:40 Jason Christie's favorite prespawn bait - a jerkbait. Also, best conditions, cover and locations for fishing a jerkbait in the prespawn
  • 16:14 Jerkbait fishing equipment
  • 16:48 Spinnerbaits / Chatterbaits - best conditions and where/why to fish them
  • 22:52 Equipment for fishing spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, like the Lew's Tournament MP LFS 5.6:1 Reel
  • 24:08 Swimbaits - Where and why to fish swimbaits
  • 28:44 Swimbait fishing tackle
  • 31:58 Alabama rigs
  • 33:40 Fish jigs for prespawn bass if you want to win tournaments
  • 39:27 Prespawn power tactics - closing thoughts (including other techniques to try)

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