The Dean of The Bass University, Pete Gluszek is on the water breaking down spinnerbait fishing during pre-spawn conditions. 

The Dean discusses the comeback of the spinnerbait, a bait that has been forgotten since the emergence of the chatterbait. Pete dives into different spinnerbait combinations, with blade selection and color selection. Spinnerbaits with painted blades are often overlooked, and The Dean shares a few instances were they can shine. Pete talks about his rod, reel, and line setup for the ultimate success with a spinnerbait. 

Join Pete “The Dean” Gluszek and Bass University in this on-the-water class that breaks down pre-spawn spinnerbait fishing. 

Spinnerbait Fishing Class Chapters

  • 0:07: Spinnerbait Comeback 
  • 2:40: Spinnerbait Combinations
  • 8:20: Spinnerbait Setup
  • 12:34: Fishing Cover with a Spinnerbait 
  • 25:20: Covering Water/Developing Pattern 

What's Covered In This Spinnerbait Fishing Class

  • Conditions when you should consider fishing a spinnerbait
  • Blade shape and color selection (including painted blades)
  • Targeting smallmouth and spotted bass
  • Fishing stained water with a spinnerbait
  • Recommended spinnerbait rod, reel & line
  • Approaching cover like laydowns and fishing them effectively
  • Best casting techniques to get in the places where bass are most likely to be waiting to ambush prey
  • Understanding bass movement based on the size of bass you are catching in pre spawn
  • What is slow-rolling a spinnerbait?
  • Helping determine the difference between bass strikes and the bait coming over or through limbs to maximize strikes
  • Efficiently working through low-percentage areas without cover or proper structure
  • How wind effects a spinnerbait bite

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