Do you tend to get stressed out when things aren’t going your way? While having the right gear and finding the right fish is important – being mentally strong on the water is also a major factor when fishing tournaments. "A positive mind does not always guarantee success, but a negative mind will almost always result in failure,” said Stephen Browning. “Be happy. Don't let that negative creep in there. Call it out when you feel it. Get it out of there. Stay positive when you're out there. Practice with a purpose, and do everything with a purpose.” In this seminar, Browning discusses the importance of keeping the right attitude when you’re on the water, and how to mentally approach the day when things aren’t going your way. One thing Browning especially focuses on is the importance of only worrying about the things you can control. The example he provides is the weather conditions. While you can’t control when or how much it rains, you can control how prepared you are for it when it happens. Many anglers mentally check out during tough conditions, which can provide you an opportunity to succeed if you are prepared. It’s cliche to many tournament anglers, but Browning also stresses the importance of how it truly only takes five casts to get a five-bass limit. Mentally checking out at any point during the day can cost you, which is why he encourages anglers to stay focused and positive throughout the entirety of the day. 

  • 5:50 Don't Focus On Dock Talk
  • 9:25 Only Worry About What You Can Control
  • 13:35 Importance Of Studying Lakes
  • 16:30 How To Handle Tough Conditions
  • 24:30 It Only Takes Five Casts
  • 28:00 Tournament Fishing Is Humbling
  • 30:00 Keys To Staying Mentally Strong
  • 32:00 Surviving Vs. Thriving
  • 40:00 Sports Psychology And Fishing
  • 43:15 Everything Must Be Done With A Purpose

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