The Z-Man Chatterbait isn’t new on the fishing scene anymore. However, it’s still dominating tournament trails nationwide due to its ability to catch fish in almost every condition.

“I would venture to guess there is nobody that has in the great United States of America that has logged more hours with a particular bait than I have with the Chatterbait in the last couple of years,” said Stephen Browning. “ ... It's just a bait that I have on my deck 24/7, 365 days a year, it will catch fish. 

While the Jackhammer gets the attention of most anglers, Browning utilizes several different variations of the bait to help catch fish throughout the year. One of the components Browning spends the most time adjusting, though, is the trailer. 

Like traditional jigs, the Chatterbait and other bladed jigs can imitate different types of forage depending on how they’re rigged and fished. Browning mostly relies on minnow-style trailers to target bass feeding on different baitfish, but it can also be paired with a crawfish-style trailer and fished closer to the bottom. 

One of the more complicated questions about fishing Chatterbaits is using the right rod and reel setup. The answer to that question varies heavily depending on who you talk to, but Browning recommends opting for heavier cranking rods paired with fluorocarbon line. 

Browning says the combination of the moderate action rod – and the slight stretch from the fluorocarbon line – allows for a better hookup ratio, which can sometimes be an issue depending on your rod and line setup. 

In this seminar, Browning goes in-depth on all this information, the best reel speed, the right colors, if blade color truly matters, and much more!

  • 3:10 Different Types Of Chatterbaits
  • 5:00 Different Types Of Chatterbait Trailers
  • 11:00 Best Chatterbait Equipment And Setup
  • 18:00 Importance Of Reel Speed
  • 19:50 Choosing The Right Chatterbait Line
  • 25:00 How To Fish A Chatterbait
  • 31:20 Color Selection
  • 33:40 Seasonal Chatterbait Techniques
  • 44:00 Take Time To Experiment
  • 49:00 Does Blade Color Matter?

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