Professional angler Bill Lowen shares his expertise on bladed jig fishing in this comprehensive seminar with Bass University.

Bill covers all aspects of bladed jig fishing, starting with the essential gear you'll need, including the right rod, reel, and line to use for effective fishing. He then discusses how your approach should vary depending on the season, providing insights for each.

When it comes to selecting colors for your bladed jig, Bill advises simplicity, recommending three main colors: green pumpkin, white, and black and blue. According to him, these colors are versatile and will serve you well in various bladed jig fishing situations.

Bill also delves into the trailers he prefers from the Strike King Rage lineup to complement his bladed jigs. He emphasizes the importance of adjusting your retrieval technique based on the time of year you're fishing with a bladed jig.

In this Bass University seminar, Bill Lowen breaks down every aspect of bladed jig fishing, making it accessible for those looking to pick up valuable tips and boost their confidence when using this bait. If you want to become a better-bladed jig angler, this seminar is a great resource for you.

Bladed Jig Patterns for Summer, Fall & Winter Chapters

  • 1:14: Gear for Bladed Jig
  • 4:45: Seasonal Bladed Jig Patterns
  • 11:50: Why throw a Bladed Jig?
  • 14:35: Color Selection
  • 16:15: Summer Bladed Jig Patterns
  • 23:23: Fall Bladed Jig Patterns
  • 27:25: Winter Bladed Jig Patterns
  • 30:28: Retrieves

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