Shallow crankbait fishing should be a part of any angler’s arsenal, especially for late winter and early springtime bass fishing. While bass are transitioning from their winter patterns to pre-spawn, many are gorging on crawfish and other baitfish. This pre-spawn feeding frenzy makes shallow cranking a perfect technique to match everything on their menu. In this seminar, Bill Lowen breaks down how to fish shallow crankbaits during the late winter and early spring. 

Lowen breaks down the key differences between lipless, squarebill, and flat-sided crankbaits. Each of the three plays a very different, but crucial role in any anglers lineup. Lowen also explains how to retrieve each of the three baits, and shares his tips for fishing flat-sided and squarebill crankbaits in heavy cover.

  • 1:40 When To Start Throwing Shallow Crankbaits
  • 2:35 How To Fish Crankbaits In Shallow Water
  • 3:25 How To Pick The Best Crankbait
  • 6:40 How to Work Crankbaits Through Cover
  • 8:30 Tips For Fishing Squarebill Crankbaits
  • 10:40 Tips For Fishing Lipless Crankbaits
  • 11:00 How To Pick The Right Crankbait Rod
  • 15:30 Locating Early Spring Bass During Transitions
  • 19:10 How To Retrieve A Flat-Sided Crankbait
  • 24:50 How To Decide What Crankbaits To Throw
  • 32:00 Importance Of Cranking During The Spawn
  • 34:10 Keys to Picking An Area Apart
  • 36:25 What Does Staging Mean For Bass?
  • 42:00 Tips For Setting The Hook With Crankbaits

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