Bill Lowen is know for catching a limit and fishing a swim jig. In the Spring, Bill Lowen has 2-3 swim jigs tied up on his deck. As bass move back to spawning flats, they'll be feeding on shad a bluegill in the shallows. Bill uses a careful combination or lure selection, color selection and technique to put the bait in high percentage areas and keep the bait in the strike zone. Bill Lowen answers some of these common swim jig and Spring bass fishing questions. How shallow can you catch bass in the Spring? Use a fluorocarbon leader on swim jigs? What skirt materials does Bill Lowen use? Where should you fish in the Spring? What are the two best ways to fish a swim jig? What are the best conditions for fishing a swim jig? Watch this on the water bass fishing class to learn the answers to these questions and more! 

  • 0:32 One of the most crucial parts of swim jig fishing
  • 3:07 Swim jig fishing line
  • 4:49 Swim jig trailers
  • 8:52 Weights of swim jig, head design & hovering
  • 12:01 Bill Lowen's Super Stroke Jighead & when to use it
  • 13:19 Bill Lowen's skirts are a little different
  • 14:24 More on Bill Lowen's swim jig fishing line
  • 15:40 The best time & place to fish a swim jig
  • 17:22 Spawning pocket to fish a swim jig in the Spring - Example of a good places to fish a swim jig in March, April & May
  • 19:05 Biggest tip for Spring swim jig fishing
  • 21:58 What to look for in the water
  • 24:35 Lowen's shallow water swim jig fishing tips
  • 25:16 Lure depth when fishing a swim jig
  • 27:07 Prime example of a Spring swim jig spawning pocket
  • 28:40 Is there a bad time to throw a swim jig?
  • 30:07 Swim jig action (how to fish a swim jig)
  • 33:09 Imitating shad with swimbait trailers
  • 35:18 Best thing to find in a spawning pocket
  • 37:03 Keep your cool and catch the bass

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