When most people think about flipping, they think about big line, heavy rods and 1/2oz jigs. Bill Lowen is here to introduce you to finesse flipping. No, it's not a spinning tackle technique with trout hooks and 5lb line. Bill Lowen believes the key is getting baits into hard-to-reach places and being able to get bass out of them. In this on the water bass fishing class, Lowen will teach you how to mix your flipping tackle with the right sized baits, line, weights and hooks to trigger bites when fish are pressured or in a negative mood. Watch and learn as "Dollar" Bill demonstrates: this downsizing technique, increasing your bite detection, setting the hook, breaking apart a piece of cover, being stealthy when fishing and when to fish a jig instead of a soft plastic.

  • 0:21 What is finesse flipping?
  • 2:07 Finesse style baits for flipping
  • 10:35 Finesse flipping on the water with Bill Lowen
  • 12:07 Where to fish finesse flipping baits
  • 16:40 How to fish a finesse jig on flipping tackle
  • 19:55 Don't depend on the rod for all the sensitivity
  • 21:42 An ideal spot for finesse flipping
  • 22:47 Casting tips from Bill Lowen
  • 26:36 Importance of being quite
  • 28:00 Gaining confidence in a new technique
  • 30:15 Putting it all together to catch a fish
  • 31:40 Setting the hook on finesse flipping jigs
  • 34:11 The element of surprise
  • 35:22 Fishing a prime piece of cover correctly
  • 40:38 Working a piece of cover after catching a fish
  • 42:45 Flipping a jig vs a soft plastic

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