Professional bass tournament fishing pro Bill Lowen loves throwing a swim jig, and has been doing it to catch big bass for over 20 years. He begins by telling the story of how he happened upon the swim jig technique, and how it's help him make cuts in top-level fishing tournaments.

Swim Jig Setup

Bill Lowen will discuss the tackle you need for fishing a swim jig, including the rod, reel & bait. He'll tell you why you need a fast reel and why don't want to swim a jig on with a traditional flippin' stick. He will discuss shape of head and weight of jig to fish and determining the right trailer to use for the conditions and listening to what the bass tell you about your bait. Bill Lowen categorizes his trailers into 4 types (chunk style, craws, swimbaits and grubs), Bill will tell you the conditions and seasons he's found best for using these jig trailers.

Fishing a Swim Jig

In this bass fishing training seminar, Bill Lowen will share with you how to let the rod do the work and how to vary the action based on the fishing conditions. Bill fishes swim jigs all the way down to temperatures in the 40s (F), but as he discusses in this instructional video, his retrieve, bait selection and presentation vary based on season, spawn migration, forage. Bill also breaks down the areas he likes to target based on season. Learn when to target underwater grass, bluffs, grass flats, laydowns, riprap, etc. Most importantly, Bill Lowen shares his recommendations on how he fishes a swim jig, and how you can use your spinnerbait fishing to determine how you might be successful with the swim jig.

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